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Hearth and Home Technologies

800 W. Jefferson St. Lake City, MN 55041


Inspired by the creative, powerful force of fire.

We are the Hearth Experts™.To be a Hearth Expert goes beyond knowledge and skill. A Hearth Expert embodies dedication, leaving no promise unfulfilled and no question unanswered. We are never satisfied because we know there is no limit to innovation. The bar is never set too high for a Hearth Expert, who thrives on the constant challenge to incorporate the latest in design and technology, creating the centerpiece for conversations and experiences in your home for seasons and years to come.

We are Hearth & Home Technologies®. A spark started our fire and ignited our passion. The people, the ideas and the partnerships keep it burning. Our member-owner culture is at the core of this success, empowering all members to implement change and move the company forward. We are trained, but we will never stop improving.

Over time, our fire has grown hotter and stronger. Today we warm the world with the best brands of hearth products, offered through multiple retail and new construction channels.

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