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Engineering Lab Design, Inc.

We operate from a 10,000 square foot facility located in Lake City, Minnesota, along the Mississippi River approximately 70 miles southeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul.




In 1962 S. H. Anderson introduced the first hydraulic demonstration channel while teaching as a Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Hydraulics Laboratory. He identified a need for quality laboratory equipment to demonstrate the basics of civil engineering hydraulics and provide students with a springboard to more in-depth investigations. To facilitate the manufacture of this equipment, he established Hydraulic Design & Products Co. from his residence in Minnetonka, a suburb of Minneapolis.
The product line quickly expanded to include other proprietary designs for student laboratory apparatus and related equipment for aeronautical, chemical, civil and mechanical engineering institutions. To reflect these changes, the company was renamed and incorporated in 1966 under the name Engineering Laboratory Design Company. The first wind tunnel was manufactured in 1968. The first water tunnel was completed in 1986. In 1972 ELD moved to its present location. Sigurd H. Anderson’s sons, Sigurd W. Anderson and Gordon Anderson both joined the family business in the 1970s, and purchased the company from their father in 1992.
Nearly fifty years after our original incorporation, the original product line continues.  In addition, ELD is constantly developing additional educational and research apparatus.  We manage custom designed laboratory projects for institutions in the U.S.A and worldwide.
In April, 2014, both Sigurd Anderson and Gordy Anderson retired from their positions with ELD. Upon their retirement, long time employee and then part owner, Kurt Banaszynski, and his business partner, Gina Lynch, purchased all issued shares of ELD, Inc. from the Anderson brothers. Mr. Banaszynski and Ms. Lynch, and the rest of their team look forward to carrying forward the tradition of product innovation and quality for the years to come. 

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