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A Holiday Message

Dear Lake City,

The Holidays have arrived, and it is my hope that you all get to spend time doing what you love with the people that you love. It’s also my hope that our Lake City Chamber businesses have had a busy and profitable season, and things are a little closer to being back on track after all the hardships endured throughout 2020 and 2021.

As I wrap up my first calendar year in Lake City as your Chamber of Commerce Director, I have been doing a little extra reflecting and counting of blessings. Indeed, it has been my privilege to serve this gorgeous little city. It has been an incredible experience to meet and cooperate with all the businesspeople, city leaders and staff, and individuals who work so hard on the ultimate goal of advancing this community for everyone. In fact, I’m always amazed at how few conversations I have that revolve around individual concerns, and how many I have that center around the premise of how we make Lake City better for all. It is inspiring.

So to keep this message short, I just wanted to say be well this Christmas and New Year. Do what’s required to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Appreciate your neighbors. Enjoy your friends. Embrace your families. Support our local retailers. And, as the dust settles on 2021, let’s turn our focus towards working together to make 2022 the most memorable, profitable, and fun year Lake City has ever seen. With such big milestones such as the Sesquicentennial of Lake City, the 100th anniversary of Ralph Samuelson inventing Water Skiing, and the 50th anniversary of Water Ski Days, we’re entering an unprecedented year of opportunity. Let’s rally together to make it special.


Ed Hoffman
Executive Director

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