A bicycle & paddleboat tour of Lake Pepin

“Best Annual Bike Ride”   -WCCO-CBS Local

“One of the Best Weekend Bicycle Tours in the Upper Midwest”  -Midwest Weekends

The 11th Annual Tour de Pepin

Saturday June 2, 2018


Registration is now open for the 11th Annual Tour de Pepin (TDP) bicycle ride! Tour de Pepin is one of the Midwest’s most unique cycling tours where riders have the option of a 32, 50, 72, 100 mile ride through the captivating terrain and historic towns around Lake Pepin along the Great River Road. The ride includes rider support and 11 rest stops that feature a wide range of energizing snacks and refreshments. Riders still get to enjoy a number of add-ons as in previous years including a swag bag, special offers, and complimentary TDP t-shirt with registration.
Riders who navigate the 32 and 50 mile routes also enjoy scenic views from the comfort of The Pearl of the Lake, a genuine replica 
1800s paddleboat, as they return back to Lake City. More riders than ever before will be able to take advantage of the popular 
paddleboat return to Lake City. This year bikes will be returned to Lake City via an enclosed trailer so that more riders
are able to enjoy the paddleboat ride during each of the five shuttle times offered.

New for 2018, riders can relax and unwind following their return to Lake City
with a reception held at Ohuta Park. Sociable Ciderwerks will be serving beverages to riders upon return to Lake City along with live music and food vendors available for purchase.

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Tour de Pepin is produced by the Lake City Chamber of Commerce at 651.345.4123.

Part of the proceeds from Tour de Pepin benefit


Become a member of Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance! Membership option available with registration.

Sediment is filling Lake Pepin at a rate 10x normal and annual loads are equivalent to a city block filled to the height of the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis. The sediment has made Upper Lake Pepin vulnerable to ecological collapse. Fortunately, Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance (LPLA) has spearheaded a large-scale restoration project to improve water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreational access. The Lake City Chamber of Commerce is helping LPLA mobilize support from all the people who love Lake Pepin. You can help by becoming a LPLA member today!

Tour de Pepin Ride Options

32 Miles Mileu

milieu32miBegin your tour in historic Lake City, where Ralph Samuelson introduced water skiing to the world. Ride south on Hwy. 61 (the Great River Road) to Wabasha, home of the National Eagle Center.  There you will cross the Mississippi River into Nelson, WI. Riders will travel through the Tiffany Wildlife Area and the Chippewa backwaters to Pepin, WI. Pepin, made famous by past resident Laura Ingalls Wilder, is 712 feet above sea level; a hundred feet lower than Nelson. From Pepin make your way through rolling farmland and wooded countryside to Stockholm, WI, where the Pearl of the Lake paddleboat will escort you a mile-and-a-half across of the Mississippi River back to Lake City.
www.wabashamn.org  •  www.pepinwisconsin.com  •  www.stockholmwisconsin.com

50 Miles DeMi Siècle

demi50This half-century ride starts in Lake City and follows the Milieu tour to Stockholm. Take a brief stop at the rest area in Stockholm, and then continue on another 9 miles to the scenic rest area past the town of Maiden Rock. State Highway 35 hugs Lake Pepin along most of its Wisconsin shore and has been called one of the most scenic drives in America. Take in the view and return to Stockholm on Hwy. 35. There, you can board a shuttle back to Lake City on the Pearl of the Lake paddlewheeler.

72 Miles Lac Plein

lacplein72mi  Experience the curves and twists of the entire Great River Road loop that surrounds Lake Pepin. The Lac Plein tour begins and ends in Lake City, MN. This tour follows the same route from Lake City in Minnesota to Maiden Rock in Wisconsin. Continue the journey from Maiden Rock to Bay City, a hilly eight-mile stretch ranging in elevations of 690 feet to over 1100 feet. From Bay City, you’ll follow the Great River Road back across the river into Red Wing, MN, recently named one of the top 12 historic communities in the nation. The Red Wing to Frontenac trip is a 10 mile flat stretch for easy coasting, and in another five miles you will be back to the starting point in Lake City. Cruising the entire circuit of Lake Pepin is an incredible mix of flat land, steep hills and winding bluff country, with an added touch of incomparable, natural beauty.

100 Miles Siècle

100miIn 2014, Tour de Pepin created a century ride touring option. The 2018 route begins in Lake City at Ohuta Park and follows the same route around the lake as other riders. Once you take the bridge over to Red Wing, continue on Hwy 61 south until you reach Flower Valley Road, where you have the option of using a designated bike trail. Take an easy cruise through this scenic valley, and then ride on a short stretch on Hwy 58 to Cty 5 Blvd. Your climbing challenge begins here, through lush, winding terrain. Take a right on Cty 2 Blvd for wide open views of bluff country farmlands. Continue on Cty 3, with rugged exposed limestone bluffs and winding ascents. Use caution when entering onto 58, and return to the challenges of Cty 5. Go left at the Cty 2 intersection. This beautiful stretch is heavily shaded, and you may spot woodland wildlife. Cross 61 and continue on Cty 2 toward Frontenac State Park through Wells Creek watershed. You are now re-joining the Lac Plein course and passing through historic Old Frontenac, with a stunning Lake Pepin view before the rest stop where Old Frontenac meets Hwy 61.

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Maps & Rest Areas

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